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The insurance was easy to purchase and gave us peace of mind throughout the buying process. We didn't need to claim on the insurance, so can't comment on that. For the price of the insurance, had we needed to claim, any money back greater than the purchase price would have been appreciated.

Matt S

Easy to set up and very good value. We are still in the process of buying and have not had to make a claim (and hope we don't have to).

Prabin Limbu

Used this service while buying our new house - Homelyfe were easy to speak to and for such a small cost i am pleased that we used them, would definitely use them again and have told a few of my friends who are currently in the market to sign up too.

Mr G

The whole process of insuring our new home (building and content) took minutes. The whole process couldn’t have been easier.

Paul Lyonette

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