10 reasons I joined a start-up

After years of working at large corporate companies, I was ready for a change and a new challenge, so when the opportunity to work for a dynamic start-up cropped up, I ditched the suit and jumped at the chance of becoming Homelyfe’s Chief Media and Marketing Officer


Here are 10 reasons why I decided a start-up was the place for me:


1. Getting stuff done

Years spent in a corporate environment have taught me that in a business where process is rigid, it’s hard to get things done. Multiple levels of approval are needed to even get a project off the ground, and yet a single ‘no’ can kill a decent idea in seconds. With a start-up, innovation is a requirement, creativity is celebrated and decisions are made quickly. Every day brings opportunities to make a real difference to the business.


2. Push boundaries

Which leads me to my second reason for joining a start-up – you get the opportunity to push the boundaries and try new things. Big corporations are largely risk-averse, so it’s refreshing to be able to think a bit differently and then take those ideas and run with them, especially somewhere like Homelyfe where we’re trying to change the preconceptions of an old-fashioned industry. We won’t be successful if we don’t push boundaries.


3. The belief that the industry needs to change

The reason I wanted to join Homelyfe in particular is because I truly believe that the insurance industry is in need of modernisation. It amazes me how we can order taxis and book holidays on the go in seconds, and yet insurance is still such a hassle. Insurance as a category is behind even Banking & Financial Services in terms of embracing technology, and making things easier and quicker for customers. There’s even a hashtag for it – #insuretech. Homelyfe’s aim is to make insurance simple using technology and that’s something I am 100% behind.


4. Passionate people

There’s always a buzz around the office in start-ups: everyone is full of energy and wants to make their idea a reality. The founders of Homelyfe are passionate about disrupting the insurance industry through technology and focusing completely on the customer. They have a track record of success, and that confidence and ambition spreads throughout the team.


5. Creating something from nothing

I was excited about the opportunity to build a brand from the ground up, which I am certainly seeing. Defining the brand as we build the product is a brilliant opportunity, and one that I’m grateful to have. It’s really rewarding to know you’ve been such an integral part of developing a brand, and one that we hope will be around for many years to come.


 6. Hands-on approach

On a day-to-day level, something that excited me was how involved I could be, which meant trying and learning new things – things like working with CRM systems, overseeing web design, and of course demystifying the endless insurance terminology. It’s always exciting, and sometimes scary, but I’m learning new things every day. And on the insurance terminology, I keep a little electronic list, which we’ve turned into a blog for everyone who’s like me and a bit confused by it all!


7. Fun and positive atmosphere

A start-up cliché, but every day the Nerf guns are out and no one is safe. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, one that encourages creativity, productivity and strong team relationships. Other clichés include using Slack (big fan), branded hoodies, and branded golf balls…! But the Nerf guns ? Honestly, they are ridiculous – I have to keep them secret from my kids…

8. Flexible working

Does anyone work 9am-5pm any more ? Homelyfe, like many other smart workplaces, just want to help people to do their best work, and where you do that is of secondary importance.  The 9-5 working day is out-dated and start-ups encourage flexible working to get the best out of people. At times this can mean working any time of the day and night, but for me what it really means is that I’m thinking about work stuff whenever and wherever, because I’m fully invested in my work. It means I get revelations at 3am, or brain waves mid-run.


9. Seeing results

One of the things that excites me the most in my work life is getting to see the impact of my efforts on a company’s bottom line, and often in a large corporation, this can be hard to see with any degree of clarity. At Homelyfe, I can see exactly what my hard work is delivering for the business and that is so rewarding.


10. It’s exciting!

My biggest preconception of joining a start-up was that it wouldn’t be dull (and that I’d wear trainers every day) And that has certainly been true! I can’t wait to see what the next months and years will hold…


This blog was written by Chris, our Chief Marketing Officer 


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