Behind the scenes at Homelyfe

Adele Power, Homelyfe’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager talks us through her typical day at work for Homelyfe, from her morning coffee to mid-afternoon nerf gun fights.


I catch the train into London with my boyfriend, Will. I like to use the commute to read my emails to prepare for the day, and have a chat with Will about what both of our days will hold. After the train pulls into Liverpool Street, I get my step count up with a brisk walk to the Homelyfe Chancery Lane office.


The first thing on my mind as I open my laptop is, “Where’s Pete?”, a question I tend to ask myself daily. The main part of my job as Executive Assistant and Office Manager is assisting Peter Goodman, the CEO of Homelyfe. He’s extremely passionate about work and his excitement with the impending launch sometimes makes it challenging to pin him down! By the time I’m three sips into that first cup of coffee, I make sure Pete is on time to where he needs to be and has everything he needs for the day.


It’s a Monday morning, which means we have our weekly management meeting. After a quick bit of socialising to ask how everyone’s weekends were, we have an hour-long talk to catch-up with the whole team and receive direct reports on compliance, finance and tech. It’s important to have the tech totally on-point as it underpins the whole concept of Homelyfe: using technology to make insurance simple. We discuss the timeline ahead to ensure we’re on track to meet our launch date. Not long now – we can’t wait!


No two days are the same and this is part of the reason why I love my job. One minute I’m organising meetings and the next I’m arranging the office fit-out. The team is rapidly expanding with more technicians to work on the app, so I’m on the hunt for a new office. I have an appointment to go and view a bigger office just down the road. It’s nice, but not quite right for Homelyfe. The search continues…


The whole office is having a product forum meeting where we get the chance to view the product, with the tech team giving us a demo of the app. They blow my mind with their talents, I might be biased but what everyone has achieved so far is nothing short of astounding. With Homelyfe, we’re looking to build policies around you, so the project managers have spent countless hours working with consumers to test the app and conducting focus groups to ensure that it is as customer-centric as possible with the best user experience.


With excitement levels high after the forum meeting, Pete orders lunch for the team. Surprisingly, salad wins over pizza, so over a bowl of crunchy lettuce and falafel, we all give feedback to the techs before getting back to work.


Homelyfe is a small but friendly team; there’s not a day that goes by without a nerf gun war. Once everyone’s lunch has gone down, shots are fired! The battle is on as people take shelter behind computer screens! It’s a good way to take a break and re-set your brain for a productive afternoon. Plus, the office dog Mojo loves chasing after the blue foam bullets!


Mojo is a bit of a rascal and tends to rummage through the bins after lunch to munch on any leftovers. He’s an adorable Miniature Schnauzer, but don’t let his cute face fool you; he once stole a sausage sandwich out of the Head of Engineering’s bag. We thought it was hilarious, but obviously, Simon didn’t appreciate losing his lunch.


My afternoon is spent preparing Pete for his InsurTech panel appearance at Fin Tech Week. I spend some time researching the talking points and going through some of the panel’s Q&A points with Pete. He’s eager to get out there and show off what Homelyfe has to offer. It’s a real passion project for him as he feels that the insurance process is still stuck in the dark ages and that in a digital age we shouldn’t still be rummaging through paperwork and spending hours on the phone. Homelyfe will be one amazing app that will make buying and managing insurance possible in a matter of clicks. “A meeting of minds is one thing, a meeting of technology is another,” he says.


As the end of the day looms, Pete and I discuss the next day of meetings. This will include catch-ups with the developers to see the progress the app is making. At the moment, they’re finalising the user process. Homelyfe works out the best policy for individual users based on a few questions and then creating a draft policy based on your needs before our panel of insurers bid for your business in real time. This will happen in a matter of minutes, so they are currently ensuring the app is as slick as possible.


When it’s time to clock off, I get the train back home. But my work still isn’t finished as I test the app on the journey home. I trial purchase the Home Buyers Protection Insurance and give feedback on the usability, including imagery, colours and fonts as well as how easy the process was.


Once I’m home I can properly wind down. Will’s a great cook, so he usually cooks dinner – his speciality is mushroom risotto and we often match it with a nice glass of wine (not every night of course!).


After dinner, we’ll wind down watching TV. We’re guilty of a boxset binge and find ourselves watching one too many episodes into the late hours, as most do. We’re currently loving Game of Thrones – I’m trying to catch up so I can join in with the new series: Winter is coming!


It would be fair to say I’ve not always gone to bed looking forward to the next day, but as my head hits the pillow, Homelyfe gives me the motivation I need to get up and go the next morning and feeling part of something so exciting makes my working life enjoyable. How many can say that?


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