Infographic: The state of gazumping in Britain

Gazumping is unfair and upsetting. You think you’ve found your ideal home, only to get it snatched away from you when someone outbids your offer, despite the fact it was already accepted by the seller.


It’s not just the property that you lose, but you could lose hundreds or even thousands of pounds in legal and administrative fees too.


We surveyed 1,300 British homeowners and those who were looking to buy their first home with YouGov and were surprised to find that gazumping happens more often that you think in the UK, with home buyers having a one in ten chance of being gazumped.


We’ve put together an infographic of our findings along with everything you need to know about gazumping, from people most at risk of being gazumped, what you’re at risk of losing to how to protect your investment with Home Buyer’s Insurance. Find out more about our Home Buyer’s Insurance policy here.





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