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We put you first. Always.

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At Homelyfe we wanted to build an experience around you.

We wanted to put you at the heart of the process and make insurance simple and straightforward. So easy that you could buy, renew, manage and claim all from an app.

We wanted to ask questions that might impact your cover. We didn’t want to make you feel like we were trying to trip up, if you didn’t know if you had 4 lever or 5 lever mortace dead locks, so we may not have to pay out.

We wanted the right insurance at the right price, so you don’t have to worry. So you can get on with your life because, let’s face it, who wants to spend time thinking about insurance?

We founded Homelyfe because we believed that it didn’t have to be this way.

We’re not a traditional insurance company. While we have insurance experts in the business, we come from a wide range of backgrounds, but we share one goal. To make insurance fair and straightforward.

That’s why we can quote and give you cover in 4 minutes.

It’s why you can quote, buy, manage and claim all in an app.

It’s why when you renew with us you won’t find your premiums have skyrocketed.

We will be fair and straightforward always.

Our Leadership team

You can see our management team below.

We are a friendly bunch and we would love to hear from you if you have any question or you can tweet us at @homelyfe

Peter Goodman: Founder - CEO, Homelyfe
Peter Goodman
Founder - CEO
Andrew Craven: Founder - CTO, Homelyfe
Andrew Craven
Founder - CTO
Anil Sharma: CFO, Homelyfe
Anil Sharma
David Barnes: Chief Customer Officer, Homelyfe
David Barnes
Chief Customer Officer
Nick Spyer: Head of Partnership, Homelyfe
Nick Spyer
Head of Partnership
Toby Baker: Chief Capacity Officer, Homelyfe
Toby Baker
Chief Capacity Officer
Michael Murphy: Product Director, Homelyfe
Michael Murphy
Product Director
Johnny Copperstone: Founder and Head of Application Development, Homelyfe
Johnny Copperstone
Founder and Head of Application Development
Simon Dixon: Founder and Chief Engineer, Homelyfe
Simon Dixon
Founder and Chief Engineer
Peter Barrett: Chairman, Homelyfe
Peter Barrett