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Why partner with us?

We're a first-to-market API insurance partner who have developed a modern take on insurance that's so simple, our customers can buy Home Insurance in under 4 minutes.  The hassle-free customer experience means that our conversion rates are incredibly impressive against industry benchmarks.   And now you can join us in building the insurance experience of the future…

Our partner platform enables you to use our technology and offer our insurance products within your own website and apps, so you can cross-sell with ease, speed and without expense.

Integrate our home insurance technology into your app

Unlock your customer value

Did you know that your customers are three times more likely to purchase their insurance from you than a brand they’ve never used?  This represents a great opportunity for your business to create profitable, risk-free income by monetizing your customer-base.

Our mission is to use first to market technology put the customer at the heart of the insurance industry. Together, we can ensure that your customers are offered home insurance that meets their needs in the most frictionless way possible.

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An end-to-end solution

We are committed to providing you a fully modular solution.  You can opt for us to manage everything, so you can focus on your business without distractions.

Our services include customer analysis, product design, IT and web development, digital marketing, financial, FCA compliance, customer service and project management; all of which are included as part of the service.

So there’s no need to worry about policy renewals or managing third party providers – we can cover everything!

Enhanced customer experience will pre-filled form data

Automated Marketing Support

Our frictionless, under 4 minutes buying experience leads to a 50% conversion rate on our most popular policy type.  This is significantly higher than industry benchmarks, and leads to fruitful partnerships built on a best in class customer experience.

To ensure that our partners benefit from the same conversion rates, we provide marketing consultancy services, including:

  • Working with our partners to create targeted communications
  • Providing market insight using primary and secondary research
  • Sharing our own customer journey and mapping all customer touch points to deliver a consistent customer experience
  • Provide expertise to drive your online acquisition. This includes email marketing, social media, pay per click and affiliate marketing.
Seamless insurance-as-a-service platform

Trust is our # 1 value

We're bringing a modern approach to the insurance industry through technology, but our portfolio of world-class underwriters have over 500 years' shared experience.

The size and strength of our underwriters represent our ability to sustain competitive pricing; a vital attribute in an insurance partner.  Combined with our first to market technology, we have a winning formula to enable you to create profitable, risk-free income whilst meeting your customers’ needs.